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Bonaccord has been growing produce since 1975, and specializes mainly in the domestic fresh and processed vegetable markets. The company is 100% Australian owned.


  • Broccoli – Packed for fresh market and food services
  • Beans – Packed for fresh market and topped and tailed for processing
  • Sweet corn – Packed for fresh market either whole cob or pre pack cobbette
  • Carrots – Packed for fresh market and processed for other businesses
  • Cabbage – Grown for processing
  • Cauliflower – Packed for fresh market and processed for pickling
  • Onions – Grown for processing and are bought in from outside growers when not in season
  • Capsicum – Grown for fresh market and processing
  • Pumpkin – Grown for processing
  • Barley – Cattle feed - feed mill industry


The harvested produce comes into the packing shed where it is hydro cooled to reduce field heat. This increases the after sale shelf life of the product. It is packed according to the strict guidelines of the industry and is loaded into refrigerated vans and trucked off to its destination, often on the same day.



We aspire to achieve the triple bottom line values of economic, social and environmental sustainability throughout our business.

We are committed to produce clean, legal, safe and high quality produce by identifying and controlling biological, chemical, physical, quality and safety hazards. Our products will conform to all Government regulations.

Bonaccord management will make appropriate resources available to implement, maintain and regularly review our Food Quality / Safety Plans and our objectives.

Continuous improvement will be a priority of management and staff.


Our food safety/food quality plan will be:

  • From the paddock to our customers, where it is our produce.
  • From the shed to our customers where it is produce bought in.
  • Our produce will be packed and or processed to meet or exceed the specifications and expectations of our customers.
  • We will achieve this by using our approved supplier transportation services to deliver to the point as designated by our customers.
  • We are also committed to operating effective Food Quality / Safety Systems that will continually meet the Standards of:
      1. SQF 8 Quality and Food Manufacturing
      2. HARPS (Harmonised Australian Retailers Produce System)
  • We are accredited to Freshcare Environmental Edition 3.




Bonaccord Quality Produce Co